Loans for teachers and the myths of the Credit Bureau

Image result for teachersIf you, like many other people in the industry, think that it will be impossible to obtain one of the loans for teachers only because when you applied for a loan you could not make your payments in order, you should be contemplating a new option like GreenTouch.

Although financial institutions are a great option to obtain some type of financing, they are not the only way to have extra money. In addition, around the Credit Bureau there are many myths that only cause people to fear their finances.

So that does not happen, we advise you to continue reading this article where we will talk about the myths and the realities of the Credit Bureau:

Myth 1: If I am in the Credit Bureau I will not be able to request one of the loans for teachers

It is common for people to think that appearing in the Credit Bureau will close the doors in the future with any financial institution and it will never be possible to obtain any type of credit. But as you may know, the Credit Bureau is an institution that is dedicated to obtaining information about all the people who have requested a loan during their life.

While it is true that financial institutions take into account your history to know if you are a good candidate to obtain a loan, this is not a determining factor since not only banks can offer you a financial loan. There are credit institutions like Credifiel where we do not take into account your history in the bureau to grant you a credit, that is why the procedures are done faster and you can get your money in less time.

Myth 2: If you are in the credit bureau it will be impossible to leave it

Are you from the public education industry and do you think you can never leave the Credit Bureau? There are many reasons why you could have generated a credit history that was not optimal for your needs or objectives. But do not worry, if for a bad calculation you got a bad record, the Credit Bureau constantly updates your data and when the records reach 6 years, they are eliminated.

Also remember that if you request some type of credit or one of the loans for teachers, you will always be present within the information of the Credit Bureau because they store all this information, that is why if you are a constant client of the loans, you will always be there.

Myth 3: The Credit Bureau is only dedicated to bulletin those who do not pay their debts

Many times people believe that the Credit Bureau is a government company that only deals with those who have not paid their debts to put them on the blacklist.

This is a false belief since the Credit Bureau is not a government institution and is not solely dedicated to obtaining information from those who fall behind with their payments. On the contrary, the work of this institution is to safeguard the data of all those people who request a loan either with the bank or through a departmental store. They also do not inform people, in fact, the credit history of each member is created every day and the only people responsible for it are the same people.

That is why if you make your payments in a timely manner and if you make an effort to pay more than just your interest, insurance is that the Credit Bureau will have no problem in saying that your history is acceptable for a new financial loan.

Myth 4: The Credit Bureau is a blacklist

Surely, many people do not know that if they have requested any of the loans for teachers in their life, then they have a place within the Credit Bureau. And it is that for many people, this institution is still the blacklist of those who have not been able to pay, even, they are even afraid of this institution.

But for this myth to cease to exist, in Credifiel we want to tell you that the reality is that the Credit Bureau is an entity that is responsible for recovering the credit information of all people and not only those who have had debts or arrears in the payment of their loans.

The best thing to do is to stop believing this and better get used to the Credit Bureau if you are a frequent client of the loans.

Myth 5: The Credit Bureau gives information to banks so that they do not grant credits

Another of the most common myths with regard to the Credit Bureau is that they are the ones who tell financial institutions whether to grant credits or not. However, the Credit Bureau protects people’s data as they are considered sensitive. On the other hand, the Credit Bureau does not have any opinion on the granting of credits.

It is true that banks before granting a creditor must verify the credit history of people within the data of the Bureau, however, in order to have access to them, they must first request authorization to do so.

Now you know, if at some point in your life you had a financial error that caused you problems with your history, do not worry. Currently, you can have a new opportunity through credit institutions such as Credifiel where, in addition to granting you a credit, we give you the necessary tools and information so that you can use your money in the best possible way.

Remember that it is not only about obtaining loans for teachers, but it is also best to know the optimal way to invest each one of the weights so that you obtain an excellent return on investment. Come to us and get a credit through your government institution.