How is the repayment of loans made when buying a loan consolidation?

Once the instruction of the file repurchase of credit finished the financial analyst of the bank in charge of the study the presence in his committee of the risk for decision. In the case where a favorable opinion is issued when the next thing is that an offer be published and the financing realized.

It has been noticed, during the exchanges between the customer and the broker of redemption of debts, a question very frequently returns ” Who will pay the sums due to the various creditors? “

Grouping of loans by whom are the loans refunded?

There was a time when it was the debtor (s) who had to take care of the repayment of the remaining capital due to all the financial and banking organizations, but today the operation has indeed changed!

Even if the fact of unblocking the entire funding envelope on the borrower’s account by transfer is a way to do like any other, except that sometimes the customer does not take his responsibilities to make repayments of the loans and he prefers to keep the money for personal use.

The problem is that at the time neither the bank, nor the client enjoys an advantage in the operation, because it penalizes both the borrower with a debt ratio that explodes by far exceeding the bar of 33 %, and he is unable to pay his debt, and also the lender who finds himself with an unpaid amount equal to the total sum due by the debtor (s) (capital + interest).

Today it is the financier who is responsible for the payment of debts and loans that are the subject of loan consolidation.

Rally of credit how are the debts settled?

Depending on the nature of the transaction, ie if it is a consumer credit rally, or if it is a question of mortgage purchase.

For the consolidation of consumer receivables, it is the lender who sends by check letter to the creditors the amount to be owed by the holder of the loan, and a printed form is accompanied for each revolving credit and reserve of money in order to request the cancellation the account contract. This is to delete the coordinates of the customer whose use is commercial prospecting.

For a repurchase of credit with a guarantee, ie with a mortgage registration required by the financier, then it is the notary who is in charge of writing the notarial act and gathering all the necessary documents for the signature folder. He receives the funds per call made to the service of the bank, as well as instructions to conduct the smooth running of the operation.